How To Open A Kickboxing School

There are many people who consider opening a kick boxing school.  If you are one of these people, you need to know what steps to take to open the school correctly and ensure that you are successful.  Following the right steps ensures that you offer the best classes, what people want and stay within the legal regulations for this type of business. 

What Classes You Will Offer

Before you open your kickboxing or muay thai school, you need to consider the classes you will be offering.  Are you going to offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes or will you only offer one type?  You should also consider if you are going to offer cardio kickboxing classes or other kickboxing related fitness classes.  Knowing the classes that you will offer allows you to schedule everything correctly and ensure that you have the right trainers. 

Become A Licensed Trainer

Once you know what you want to do, you need to ensure that you are properly qualified.  To teach kickboxing, you need to be a licensed trainer or hire licensed trainers to conduct the classes for you.  There are a number of training courses that you can complete to become a trainer, but you need to ensure that you adhere to the regulations in your state.  Different areas have different regulations about what qualifications are required for kickboxing trainers.  

You should also look at signing up to a kickboxing association.  This will provide your new customers with some peace of mind and tell them that you are qualified to teach them.  These associations may also have some advice for your school and how to get new customers. Also introspect how detailed your knowledge of Muay Thai culture and muay thai stance is.

Location And Billing

After you have become a licensed trainer, you need to find a location for your classes.  Many new trainers will consider leasing rooms from a local gym as this is an easy way to start.  You also get the benefit of the gym members who could sign up for your classes.  You could also look at hiring a new premises dedicated to your kickboxing school. 

How you are going to charge your customers and the billing system you use will need to be in place before you open your doors.  There are a number of fitness billing systems that you can choose from.  You should look at one which is easy to use and offers you the billing functions that you need. 

Start Marketing

Once you have a location and billing system in place, you need to start getting customers.  Marketing your classes can be done in a number of ways from posting on social media to more traditional fliers.  You should also have a website where people can find out about the classes you offer, where you are and how much the classes cost. 

Try A Franchise

If you are looking for a more guaranteed way of getting into the kickboxing industry, you should consider a franchise.  There are a number of franchise opportunities available with many offering great support and solid business models.  You will have to stick to their classes and business plan, but it is an easier option to start with.